Heli training


Do you have the ambition to be a helicopter pilot? If so contact us and benefit from the experience of our highly qualified instructors.

At HELI SECURITE Academy, we provide theoretical and practical training for certifications such as:

• Private pilot (PPLH)

• Commercial pilot (CPLH)

• Conversion of foreign licence

• Flight instructor (FI)

• Robinson safety training course


• Helicopter type rating and renewal

• Night flight qualification

Training courses are taught on Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC120, EC130, EC155, AS350, AS355. Helicopters are maintained on our EASA 145 facilities.


Private pilot

To become a private pilot you will need:

• at least 45h of flight time, without previous experience

• at least 39h of flight time, if you have at least 60h as a commander

• to pass a theoretical exam composed of 5 modules (120 multiple choice questions, with 75% correct answers for each module)


Commercial pilot

To become a commercial pilot you will need:

• to be at least 18 years old

• to pass the helicopter commercial pilot theoretical exam

• a valid private pilot licence

• a valid licence for the type of helicopter used during the course

• 155h of flight, of which 50h in CDB

• to pass a flying test of 1h30 to 2h

About one month of training.


Conversion of foreign licence

For a conversion of foreign licence you will need:

• to collect a minimum of 50h solo

• conversion of license OACI in 10h + 5 h of VSV, depending on conditions


Flight Instructor

To become a flight instructor you will need:

• to pass the professional pilot theoretical exam

• 10h of instruments training

• 20h of piloting in CDB

• 250h of helicopter flight including 200h in CDB, if you already have a private pilot licence

• 250h of helicopter flight including 100h in CDB, for professional pilots

Training courses last 6 weeks.


Robinson Safety Training Course

You will need:

• a valid helicopter pilot licence

• to pass the mandatory instructors’ safety course

• to pass a theoretical and practical exam

This training course is highly recommended for private and professional pilots.

Monthly training courses.



Tailored to professional pilots, we offer the following training courses:

• External freight transportation

• transport and dropping explosives (P.I.D.A.)

• fire fighting

• parachutist dropping (P.I.D.A.)

• aerial photography


Night Flight Qualification

You will need:

• a valid PPLH, a valid QT for the used helicopter type

• 100h of flight by the end of the course

• 60h of CDB on helicopter

• 20h of piloting