Bandeau Purchase


Are you considering buying a helicopter? At HELI SECURITE, we provide all services before, during and after the purchase.

We are able to conduct the initial study and build the right Request For Proposal (RFP) to capture your needs (Eurocopter, Bell, Agusta). We have the expertise to undertake all necessary market research and preliminary checks and inspections in order to pin-point the most suitable helicopter for your expectations. We undertake negotiations and follow-up the order and we make sure to apply your specifications to the newly purchased helicopter. After the purchase, we handle your staff recruitment and training and guarantee the availability of your helicopter every day of the year (maintenance and safekeeping). We are also able to commercially operate your helicopter.

If you are considering selling your helicopter, we can handle all preparations, market enquiries and negotiations as well.

Don’t waste time on limited information in either case, entrust us with your needs.