Helicopter to the Italian Riviera (Porto Fino and Forte dei Marmi), Porto Cervo, Elba Island, Milan, Turin and Venice

Landing Spots

If you wish to travel to the Italian Riviera, HELI SECURITE offers you a luxurious experience. Hire a helicopter and see the difference. Enjoy the picturesque villages and the breath-taking Mediterranean surroundings and give yourself another point of view. Take the tour to the Italian Riviera with HELI SECURITE. We offer competitive round trip rates during the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix.

If you feel like traveling from South of France to North of Italy, we can accommodate your need and offer you a time saving trip towards the landing spots of your choice.

Top destinations:

  • Porto Fino and Forte dei Marmi in the Italian Riviera
  • Porto Cervo in Sardegna
  • Elba Island
  • Milan, Turin and Venice in the North of Italy